Monday, December 10, 2012

ArHi OS:: Stormy Nights

The number you have dialed is currently not available. Please try again later.

Khushi huffed in annoyance and tossed her cell onto the bed.

Trying to distract her wayward brain from the disturbing images flooding her mind she raced to the lounge where the rest of the family members were bustling about.

She walked to the kitchen, where she could here Anjali.

"Hari Prakash ji, make sure to leave candles and a flashlight in every room." Anjali ordered, while she and Payal stocked the cabinets with food and water bottles.

Since yesterday, announcements were being made about a hurricane that was about to hit, warning everyone to prepare for the worst. Schools were closed, offices were shut down yet her own workaholic husband had run off to a meeting leaving her at home to worry.

"Di, have you spoken to Arnavji?" Khushi inquired trying to keep her anxiety disguised behind her strained smile.

"Haan, Khushiji. Chote called an hour ago. He said your phone was switched off so he couldn't reach you. He's done with the meeting but I told him to stay in the office with Aman till the storm passes. It's too dangerous to go out now."

"Oh!" Arnavji wasn't coming home?!

Well Di was right, it was too dangerous to try and come home.

But she had wanted him here when the storm hit. It would have kept her at peace if she had Arnavji with her. She couldn't even speak to him because the signal was too weak and hence his phone wasn't working.

She sighed defeatedly, knowing it was best he didn't try coming home.

Trying to keep herself distracted, she busied herself helping Akash find sufficient amount of necessary supplies for everyone.

Once everything was done and dinner was completed everyone retired to their bedrooms hoping the hurricane would pass quickly and smoothly without disturbing them.

Khushi walked into her empty bedroom suddenly feeling lonely.

She simply grabbed her pajamas and went off to prepare for bed.

Coming out of the bathroom, she picked up her cell in hopes of reaching her husband only to have it go straight to voicemail.

Disappointed and tensed, Khushi quietly climbed into bed and curled up.

She could hear the rain pelting against the closed poolside door and the heavy winds whistling an eerie melody.

It was strangely thrilling yet frightening.

Tossing and turning, she couldn't manage to calm her anxiety enough to sleep.

Just then the electricity went out and the bedside lamp she had kept on flickered out with a zap.

She felt her heart jump up to the back of her throat and she quickly reached for the flashlight.

The winds seemed to pick up speed as it roughly crashed against the door causing the frame of their bedroom to shake slightly.

Fear engulfed her and she quickly raced to her dresser, grabbing the candles and matches. Lighting them all up she tried to brighten the room as much as possible.

Once that was done she curled back up into bed, silently praying to her Devi Maiyya, wishing her Arnavji was with her.

So caught up was she in attempting to keep her fears at bay, she was unaware of her surroundings until she felt an arm snake around her waist.

Startled, she shrieked trying to move away.

"Shh Khushi, relax its me!" A deep, husky voice breathed into her ear.

"Arnavji!" She gasped out and without even looking at him she leaped straight into his lap, tightly wrapping her arms around his warm neck!

Khushi heard him chuckle into her hair before he turned his head slightly, placing a soft kiss on the shell of her ear.

"You okay, honey?" He asked, pulling back to cradle her face in his hands.

Relief washed thru her in heavy torrents and she couldn't stop a few errant tears that escaped her eyes.

"Khushi?" Concern laced his tone.

She immediately shook her head in assurance as she quickly swiped the back of her hand across her cheeks.

"How did you come home Arnavji? Di told me you'd stay back at the office?" She immediately inquired.

He smiled that heart stopping smile. Pulling her closer so that she sat straddling him, he wrapped his arms tightly around her waist while her hands were tucked between their chests.

The incessant rains and rough winds continued outside but Khushi barely paid it any attention. She simply absorbed the feel of the man she was wrapped around at the moment.

"Well.." He started, tightening one arm around her torso while his other hand traced invisible patterns on the side of her neck. "I was missing my wife. She's scared of the dark and she hates storms, you know, so I didn't want her to be alone." There was a teasing glint in his eyes.

Khushi couldn't help the wide smile that spread across her face as she hugged Arnav to herself, grateful that he was safely in her arms!

"I love you Arnavji" She whispered into his ear, nipping it before moving back to face him.

Flipping them around on the bed so that Khushi was flat on her back, Arnav lay over her smirking.

"I love you too sweetheart." He whispered back before closing the gap between them.

Outside the storm continued to rage on as the strong gusts of wind carried away a song of two lovers.



  2. I managed to sneak in reading this one. I loved it. So cute! It definitely embodied their characters from the show. Looking forward to reading the rest!


  3. Hi! :)
    Aww...This is a sweet OS. I adore the worrying Khushi and sweet, caring Arnav. Lovely portrayal of the characters.

  4. so sweet............i wish al dis happened in the show :(